“Having just spent some time going through the student reports, marks and comment history as a class teacher I would like to say a HUGE thank you.

It is excellent. You have no idea how much it helps to have not only comments but previous marks and the way the marks are made up all a click away. THANK YOU.”

Maureen Hundermark (Head of IT St. George’s College)

“Gateway Primary School has been using Senatical almost from its inception as a School Administration System in the country. We find the company to be proactive and very responsive to the needs of the school. Being a Zimbabwe-based company familiarity with the operations of Independent Schools is a given, a fact which enables the program writers to have a deeper understanding of how our schools operate and how to best tweak their systems accordingly. The company is keen to upgrade its product on a regular basis while at the same time running workshops for users to understand the implications of these new developments.”

KM Ricquebourg (Headmaster Gateway Primary School)

“Gateway Primary has been using Senatical since 2013. The school management software has improved the reporting process at our school and teachers cannot imagine a day without it ever gain. Writing reports by hand is no longer an option. The mark books and PDF reports are improving management decision making and equip Headmasters to operate a school by identifying area’s of improvement. The ability to roll students from year to year to another has assisted us to manage year to year student growth and movement. The ability to archive historic information and make it available to the next teachers has revelutionised reporting for our school. The annual improvement workshop in consolidation with all the Zimbabwe schools ensures continuous development and improvement to go from a good database to great. The company has the ability to grow with your school in development which gives them the ability to be flexible but deliver a stable, secure database.”

Mrs Isabel Skinner (ICT & Resource Director Gateway Primary School)

“As early adopters of Senatical, Kyle College was excited about working with John and Ineke from day one because they beamed with enthusiasm for the their product. They were proud of what they were doing and ensured the product was of excellent quality. Often companies are just out to make the sale but the small support team at Senatical which is normally an email or phone call away makes a client feel special. In the end no matter how awesome a product claims to be, the question remains whether the client can use it with ease. Our staff complement is made up of young staff and the experienced chalk and board staff. I am happy to say that the true test of user friendliness is when the chalk and board staff can use a keyboard and mouse. In our case, we wonder how we were able to go about our work without it. We have become much more productive and Senatical has proven to be valuable and surprisingly very affordable compared with the other products on the market.

Senatical has established a very impressive innovative culture and ecosystem which takes in feedback from their clients and has customised some features of the software to suit our needs. It is also exciting to see some of those features become part of the mainstream product. Lastly, in all my years using Senatical, the software has never crashed and always delivers what you pay for if not more. With education going through a technology revolution, Senatical is definitely going to be the kind of tool that proves invaluable in the toolbox.”

Mr L Mangondo (Head of I.C.T. Department Kyle College)

“In 2002 the then Head of Arundel decided it was time to keep up with Technology and computerise the pupils’ Termly and Half-Termly Reports. We tried several different systems but realised that they all had their short comings and did not fit the bill.

In 2011 I heard about a young lady designing a School Management programme especially for Zimbabwean schools. After many months I was delighted when Arundel was asked to pilot the programme.

We have not looked back since. We now have 5 years of data in our Senatical database. We have very very few technical problems. Support is amazing. I am sure the support team have an “alert system” in place as response is very fast.

One new year I was somewhat jetlagged and managed to “roll over” so many times that my Form 1’s were now in Lower 6! I shuddered at all the work I was going to have to do to get everything back to the current year! I sent an email to Senatical support and within minutes they had rolled the clock back for me. Such an amazing “Undo Button”; my Form1’s were successfully promoted to Form 2.

I would not hesitate recommending this system to any school in Zimbabwe.”

Mrs Leslie Richardson (Head of Computer Department Arundel School)

“Thank you SO MUCH guys for the excellent work you’ve been doing. I really appreciate your efficiency and flexibility. Whenever I am stuck in any area I am rest assured that I will receive assistance from you within 24 hours 🙂 That is a real comfort considering that most of us work within deadlines. The latest document you created for me which is the Student Transcript, modified according to our preferred layout, has helped me a LOT because in the past I had to compile this manually and it was soooo time consuming. Now at the click of a button I have my download and don’t need to tell the students concerned to check with me in a few days’ time for collection of their transcripts 🙂”

Miss Carol Hombasha (Principal’s PA Midlands Christian College)

“From my very first introduction to Senatical I was impressed. The secure and stable SQL back-end coupled with the flexibility of a browser front-end was exactly what I was looking out for in terms of an administration and reporting system. In addition it was clear that this was a system that had been developed with Zim private schools as its target market. This, coupled with the flexibility in terminology and features (as compared with an off-the-shelf product), led me to believe that it was a perfect fit for Peterhouse. Unfortunately we initially had some internal networking issues to overcome and so it took us another year to finally adopt the Senatical system.

Once we had introduced Senatical we found that the system was very user friendly and anyone who was willing to give it the time of day soon learnt the ropes. One or two users were very resistant to the change, but that is to be expected as this was the first time that all academic matters from the Mark Book to the final Report had been fully computerised.

User support for the system is excellent and as a rule we had a response to queries in under 24 hours, in most cases much shorter, particularly around report time and during our first reporting period. It is also pleasing that the developers of Senatical continually have their ear to the ground for areas that need improving, expanding and even completely new ideas, such as the Books and report e-mail feature, which unfortunately we have not been able to use.

Finally, I am confident that Senatical will become a fully-fledged School Management System within 2 years [from 2013] and will be able to compete very strongly with International packages. Local support is certainly a huge plus for any organisation and Senatical certainly has that along with a competitive price tag.”

Douglas Trewartha (IT Manager Peterhouse Group of Schools) – 2013